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In State of Utah, anyone who wants to qualify for a real estate license must complete a 120-hour course. Unfortunately, it is difficult for most people, with their busy lives, to find an extra 120 hours. However, when the content is meaningful, entertaining and interesting, finding the time can be less tasking. Here at Stringham Schools, we found students have a much higher completion rate when provided with our engaging content. Knowing that you will not only be able to finish what you started, but you will retain the knowledge is a huge relief! We are dedicated to not just teach the required content, but to make it fun and enjoyable. We know if you’re not having fun you’re not learning!

There are several hurdles to jump over in order to get your license:

  1. Completing the 120-hour course
  2. Passing the School Test
  3. Passing the Utah State Test

Everyone worries about passing the tests, that’s why we put such an emphasis on our pass rate. We are proud to have maintained the highest pass rate in the state of Utah! Join Stringham Schools and discover for yourself what it means to excel and succeed!


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Public and Private Control

How does the government and the private individual control property? This class explores the government’s power to take and regulate real property, as well as the private owner’s ability to control the future use of a property they’ve sold. This class is essential for the agent who wants to better understand the encumbrances that could potentially arise on title reports.



What form of ownership is taken when property is leased? This class explores leases in both their theory and application. The agent will learn the nature of the leasehold estate, what rights the tenant is granted in leasing, landlord/tenant law, and eviction processes. This class is ideal for the agent who either leases property themselves, or deals with property management.

Real Estate Agents

Begin your real estate career with us!
Every successful career begins with a successful education. See the difference Stringham Schools offers with the continual additions of high definition online courses. For those who prefer live classes, we offer a dynamic, engaging, and effective team of instructors that will teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the state licensing exam. Your 120 hours of content will fly by as you learn to love real estate!

Real Estate Brokers

Take the next step in your real estate career here!
You've pounded the pavement and sold your share of homes; it's time to reward yourself by becoming a broker! Stringham Schools gives broker students what they need: advanced education. Our live broker classes are taught by handpicked instructors to ensure that even the most seasoned agent is intellectually stimulated. Want online classes? We are constantly adding new and exciting high definition courses to our curriculum!

Continuing Education

Take your CE through us!
Whether you're fulfilling a license requirement or just want some additional training on the side, all of our classes are offered as CE. Licensed agents are welcome to sit in our entertaining live classes for their CE credit, or they can enroll for an online class. Need more than one class? No problem! Stingham Schools will meet all your CE needs.


  • Michelle Cone
    Michelle Cone , Park City, UT

    Michelle Cone The test review is the best – thank you for allowing Bob to come in and give extra math help

  • Sandra Harris
    Sandra Harris , Syracuse, UT

    Sandra Harris I completed this course completely online. It was not a hindrance at all. When I ran into problems, I called into the school and got help from them. The instructor who taught the segment personally called to help also. This school is very positive and pro-active in helping their students. Thank you very much Stringham

  • Kenneth Conners
    Kenneth Conners , Layton, UT

    Kenneth Conners Take your time. This is a great, well put together course. By listening to the instructors that brought real experiences into the course you are able to attain a better level of understanding to reach your goal in getting your real estate license. Finally take the time to continually go over the CD’s. They helped…


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