Mortgage Pre-Licensing Course

The State of Utah currently requires 15 hours of Utah General education for mortgage students, plus 20 hours of national SAFE classes before taking the Mortgage Originator Exams.  We currently offer both the 15-hour Utah law portion as well as the 20-hr SAFE course through a third party provider, (NMLS Provider ID#1400062).

Other costs that you may encounter include:

  • Utah State Exam fee of at least $69
  • National SAFE Exam fee of at least $92
  • License application fee of $187
  • Fingerprinting fees may vary

Both the 15-hour Utah General Education and the 20 hour SAFE portion is offered live and online through a third-party provider.  Contact our office for details.

A financial calculator is required in every class.  The following are suggested types of calculators:
Qualifier Plus IIIx; Hewlett Packard 10B or Hewlett Packard 12C; available at any office supply store.

Mortgage Course

  • 15-hr Utah Law is offered live and online through a third party provider
  • 20 Hour SAFE portion is offered both live and online through a third party provider
  • Utah State Exam and NMLS SAFE Exam are both required, through NMLS
  • Other fees include; Exam fees, Fingerprinting fee and state licensing fees

NMLS Safe & Exams

Licensee candidates are required to pass a NMLS Safe Exam (Federal) and the Utah State Exam. Both exams are administered through the NMLS and can be registered for by clicking the link above.
The following test administration fees are in effect for the SAFE Act Mortgage Loan Originator Test:

  • National Component - $92
  • Utah State Component - $69

Mortgage exams have changed dramatically. Testing is all scheduled through the NMLS.

Background Check

New mortgage loan originator (MLO) license applicants will be required to request a Criminal Background Check in connection with the submission of a license request.