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Strignahm Schools has educated and graduated more Utah Real Estate students than anyone else, making us the industry leader. Of course you don’t have to take our word for it… ask your Broker and those that have been in the business and they’ll tell you Stringham is the place to go!

You can complete up to 8 hours of class per day, making it possible to complete the course in as little as 3 1/2 weeks! However, you have the option of spreading classes out and completing it over the period of 12 months. Average students complete this course in 6-8 weeks.

We work hard everyday to insure we keep the highest standards and we value each and every one of our students. Success of our students is the driving factor for Stringham Schools. Your success is our success!

Sales Course at a Glance

  • $595 Tuition - Includes textbook
  • 120 hour Pre-licensing Course
  • Classes are available live and/or online, up to 8 hours per day
  • Live classes offered in Salt Lake City
  • Free tutoring
  • Payment plans available


Utah Sales Agent Exam Procedures

The Real Estate Sales Agent, Broker and Mortgage State exams are offered through the state approved exam provider, Pearson Vue. Testing locations throughout Utah include Ogden, Midvale and Orem. Other locations offering the Utah licensing exams are in Grand Junction, CO and Las Vegas, NV.

  • $66 licensing exam fee after course completion
  • $152 licensing fees (includes fee for background check)


Is a career in real estate for you? What a perfect question… the only one who really knows the answer is you. I believe I can shed some light on the subject. For 20 plus years I have trained real estate agents… I’ve met some amazing people. Although its impossible to shift out those who are not cut out for it… I do think there are a few questions that just about anyone any the business for any significant period of time would ask… Here we go.

  • Are you self motivated?…. Because you need to be.
  • Do you enjoy working with people…. Because you need to.
  • Can you handle deadlines and stressful situations with professionalism?…. You will be asked to.
  • Are you comfortable in getting paid what you are worth?… Because you will be.
  • Are you honest?…. Absolute requirement for long term success.
  • Are you good at solving other peoples problems?.... Because that’s at the core of the business.

Many people have found a rewarding career in real estate. I think many in the beginning are drawn to the potential earnings… income…. But then early on find out how challenging it is. That’s when those who answered correctly to the earlier questions rise above and find a way to be successful.

Soon, they are working on protecting their business… looking at all aspects for improvement. Consistency comes… and the families that have been helped through the most challenging purchase they will ever make… start to pile up… leaving a level of fulfillment that is unique and extremely rewarding.

Learn more details regarding the state exam at the link above or download the Pearson Vue Testing Booklet: » Real Estate Candidate Handbook

Licensing Eligibility: To be eligible for a real estate license in the State of Utah, you must meet certain criteria including a criminal background check. Please read the full UT Administrative Code for details before registering for our course.