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Stringham Schools is the only real estate school to offer every class live each month, and we’re the only school that offers you HD video classes for your online experience.


Stringham Schools offers quality CE unlike any other provider. Come in for a live discussion oriented class or take one of our new HD video classes online at your convenience.

Broker Courses

Stringham Schools is the best place to get your Utah broker license. We’ve spared no expense to create the best student experience you can find. Take your classes online or take them live, it’s your choice.


Your learning and professional development as an agent shouldn’t stop once you’ve received your license. We’ve gathered the brightest minds and created the best material to help you increase sales and become the real estate guru you were destined to be!


Stringham Schools is a proud partner with American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) to offer live and online home inspection certification courses.


Ready to move from Trainee level to a Licensed Residential Appraiser? Stringham Schools is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate appraisal courses.

Why Stringham?


The Best Student Experience

For over 25 years Stringham Schools has been the #1 real estate school in Utah. Whether it’s real estate sales agent courses or real estate broker courses, Stringham Schools has been Utah’s most referred and sought after real estate school for anyone wanting a real estate license. After attending Stringham themselves, Utah real estate agents consistently refer their family, friends, and associates to Stringham without hesitation because they know we care for our students. Not only do we care, we promote our students’ success by creating the best student experience in the industry!

As Utah’s largest and most reputable real estate school, Stringham Schools provides not only affordable and quality education but a student experience that is unmatched by any other school. Our online real estate classes are produced in our very own video recording studio, creating HD video classes that cannot be beat or replicated. If you prefer live instruction, we are the only real estate school in Utah to teach the full 120-hour sales course live each month. Additionally, we’ve recruited the best and most knowledgeable instructors in the industry for you, which means you are getting the correct information from experts in their field.

Because we want you to succeed, Stringham Schools has spared no expense in creating the best experience for you as a student. Not only are our classes and quality superior and cutting edge, not only do we offer a variety of the best instructors in the real estate profession, but we have the best method for preparing you for the real estate licensing exam. This means that not only will you have a great experience during the course, but you will be well prepared to take and pass the state licensing exam. After passing the exam, our network of brokers and graduates is so expansive, you’ll find a real estate brokerage to work for in no time.

Because Stringham Schools offers open enrollment for our real estate classes, you can start at any time and jump right in. Start today and be finished within a few short weeks. So, enroll now, begin now, and start a new career as a licensed real estate agent. We got your back.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Margo Watson

“I was referred to Stringham Schools by a realtor friend of the family. I was so impressed with the quality of instructors and would highly recommend Stringham Schools to my friends and family.”

William Bustos

“Their educational program is highly regarded and their attention to securing strong testing scores is the best in the industry.”

Sara Sergent

“The Stringham School experience was great! I would highly recommend their program for anyone who wants a great education and to pass their exam the first time.”

Chris Kemp

“Stringham Schools is by far the best, most comprehensive training anyone could get to pass the state real estate exams. I would highly recommend Stringham.”

Cash Knight
Cash Knight
23:30 21 May 19
The school was very good. It bothered me that i couldn't do more than 8 credits a day. Also it bothered. me that there were no captions on the online courses. I don't have another school to compare too. They have a really strong test prep program that i am enjoying right now.
Cecil Hawthorne
Cecil Hawthorne
22:22 18 May 19
Stringham Schools staff are compassionate Real Estate Professionals. They care about their students. They do what it takes to ensure you understand not just real estate terms and laws, but math and they break down how to take exams. Their instructing techniques are state of the art and the videos they created, not outsourced are easy to follow and very understandable. I combined online courses with the live courses and it really helped me not just understand or memorize points, but comprehend real estate concepts. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to start a career in Real Estate. Yes, I did pass the state Real Estate Exam, first time go! Thanks you Stringham Schoolsread more
Alan Gilliam
Alan Gilliam
03:44 11 May 19
A friend of mine recommended stringham to me. They’re style of teaching is amazing especially for adult learning. I love all the videos, their live classes, prepXL is definitely something you need to purchase through them to help you pass it helped me a lot. Brian Swan is an amazing teacher as well as the others.
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor
14:44 12 Apr 19
I loved Stringham. There are occasional technical bugs, but that's to be expected in any online course. I would pick them again for New Agent Courses and will pick them again for CE. Brian is the mannnn by the way, he's incredibly knowledgeable and willing to spend extra time to ensure you succeed. Thanks, Stringham!
Kasandra Martinez
Kasandra Martinez
17:42 04 Apr 19
I loved it, they where very detailed when it came to the quizzes and videos. I also really liked how at the end they give you a ton of reviews to ensure you pass your test. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall
20:38 14 Mar 19
Friends of mine recommended Stringham to me, so it was easy for me to choose them when preparing to get my Real Estate Agent License. It was a very good experience! The online and live classes at the school were very well done! They brought professionals in to talk about their field of expertise, and lots of real case studies were covered. The course materials were all provided including books, practice exams & the live test prep class. Thank you to Brian, the instuctors, staff and all those who put together the classes! You did wonderful!read more
Jenica Parker
Jenica Parker
00:41 13 Mar 19
I did my schooling 100% online. The recorded classes, textbook materials and real work case examples helped me thoroughly understand all of the class content and feel confident about applying it in my career. They do care about each student and want to see them do well in school and in their life. I had a wonderful experience with them!
Rene Moss
Rene Moss
02:02 22 Feb 19
Great online classes, the prep xl is so worth the few extra dollars to ensure you are ready for the state exam. I feel as if I got enough to move forward in my new career. 4 stars only because the online verse book information was not an 100 % match otherwise a great course Best of luck for one and all pursuing this career.
Deziree Jensen
Deziree Jensen
19:40 20 Feb 19
This program is top-notch. I was feeling doubtful of entering and completing the program due to the demands of very small kids as well as schedules and daily life. This program is so technologically advanced that I was seamlessly able to complete almost the entire program from my phone, which made the logistics of logging on and completing courses on my own time unbelievably convenient. The educators are extremely proficient in their field yet very relatable and understandable to someone like me who has no previous experience in this field. Finally, Brian Swan is a total genius as a lawyer and educator. He completely and thoroughly navigates you from start to end. Never at any point during this program did I feel unsupported and without resources. This program is worth it's weight in gold and I highly recommend to anyone.read more
ron croppe
ron croppe
23:49 28 Jan 19
Very user friendly school. Enjoyed the way the course were laid out. Would recommend to anyone.In addition to this I would like to add the prep xl is the crowning jewel of the whole program. By the time I was done with the prep I was more than ready to take on the state exam. I passed it today thank you Stringham
Staci Bella Hill
Staci Bella Hill
18:36 11 Dec 18
In addition to the flexibility of the online components, I appreciated the multi-faceted learning approach. It is clear that the instructors that work with Stringham are competent, passionate, and invested in the success of their student body. Furthermore, I am pleased that Stringham continues to support their students well above and beyond passing the state exam. Between continuing education courses and being able to come back when needed to take a face to face class - it is clear that Stringham School creates an environment that will help someone succeed if they choose to put the time and effort into their career. Thank you Stringham. I look forward to continuing my education with you.read more
Shawna Berchtold
Shawna Berchtold
01:57 02 Dec 18
Most awesome Real Estate school! Classes were very informative both online and live!!! The Prep XL program was the key to passing the exam!!! Thanks for all your help! I highly recommend this school! Bonus was all the fantastic people I have met!
Dane Kania
Dane Kania
22:56 27 Nov 18
I had a wonderful experience at Stringham! The content and instruction was spot on in order to get me ready for the test. I did all my classes online over a duration of a year due to a full time job. However, I attended the State Test Prep class live and was key to my success at the test. If I could do it over again I would probably do more live classes. Also, purchase the Prep XL. I only purchased it about a week before my test and was worth every dollar. Kudos to Stringham, Kudos to Real Estate, and Kudos to passing! Ready to get to workread more
Rachel Okura
Rachel Okura
17:33 04 Oct 18
I highly recommend Stringham Schools to anyone thinking about becoming a real estate agent!!! I went through Stringham Schools several years ago to get my real estate license. I loved the flexibility of completing classes online, as well as the option of coming in to the school. The State Prep Test class was amazing and I was able to pass my test! The staff was always very friendly and helpful. The currently have awesome CE classes that are actually engaging. I love the new professional videos for the online classes. In my opinion, this is the most complete real estate education school in Utah.read more
Galilea Gonzalez
Galilea Gonzalez
13:48 15 Jun 18
Strighham is a great school! With both online and live classes. Everyone is really nice and helpful. I recomend it to anyone who is thinking of going into a Real Estate career.
Chris Barrera
Chris Barrera
00:58 15 Jun 18
Best School in the valley. Knowledgeable and awesome instructors. The online content and ability to to complete the course online is a great plus for people who want to study in their own time. Highly recommend Stringham School of Real Estate.
Darryl Murphy
Darryl Murphy
00:35 15 May 18
I had a great experience going through Stringham School to attain my Real Estate License. I did all the course work online. The video instruction was top notch, along with the text book and supplemental materials provided. Brian Swan and his faculty did a wonderful job. I was able to pass my Real Estate exam on my first attempt. I would highly recommend anyone pursuing their Real Estate license to give Stringham School a serious look.read more
Kim Brown
Kim Brown
02:15 28 Apr 18
I had the best experience with Stringham schools! Brain was phenomenal with his teaching skills. I came to him after taking my test multiple times at a loss for what to do. And he helped me improve my test score to a 69%... that ONE away from passing! My previous test score was a 53%. His turtoring sessions were so personable and he really taught you the concept. I couldn’t have done it without Brain and Stringham schools!!!!read more
Maria Olsen
Maria Olsen
21:49 13 Feb 18
I rarely review anything, but this time I definitely wanted to take a minute and give Stringham School 5 stars and thank them for the experience I have had. Living in St.George I had to take all my classes online and their online content is impeccable, I haven't had any technical problems and overall experience of taking an online course totally exceeded my expectations. Every video class is done very professionally and instructors are great at keeping their classes interesting and easy to follow and explaining difficult concepts in all areas. A few days ago I took their Live State Prep Class and it also made a huge difference in my studying. Brian Swan is awesome, he turns what could be the longest 7 hours of your life into a dynamic class with a great balance of fun, going over the most important topics for the exam and giving useful tips on how to prepare for it. Dave Swan does an amazing job at Math Review as well, special thanks to him for his patience and making sure everybody was on the same page and understood every math problem he was going over. Their staff is super friendly and helpful and they will take care of you every step of the way. Hands down the best school out there!read more
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