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Stringham Schools is the only real estate school to offer every class live each month, and we’re the only school that offers you HD video classes for your online experience.


Stringham Schools offers quality CE unlike any other provider. Come in for a live discussion oriented class or take one of our new HD video classes online at your convenience.


Stringham Schools is a proud partner with American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) to offer live and online home inspection certification courses.


Ready to move from Trainee level to a Licensed Residential Appraiser? Stringham Schools is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate appraisal courses.


The Best Student Experience

For over 25 years Stringham Schools has been the #1 real estate school in Utah. Whether it’s real estate sales agent courses or real estate broker courses, Stringham Schools has been Utah’s most referred and sought after real estate school for anyone wanting a real estate license. After attending Stringham themselves, Utah real estate agents consistently refer their family, friends, and associates to Stringham without hesitation because they know we care for our students. Not only do we care, we promote our students’ success by creating the best student experience in the industry!

As Utah’s largest and most reputable real estate school, Stringham Schools provides not only affordable and quality education but a student experience that is unmatched by any other school. Our online real estate classes are produced in our very own video recording studio, creating HD video classes that cannot be beat or replicated. If you prefer live instruction, we are the only real estate school in Utah to teach the full 120-hour sales course live each month. Additionally, we’ve recruited the best and most knowledgeable instructors in the industry for you, which means you are getting the correct information from experts in their field.

Because we want you to succeed, Stringham Schools has spared no expense in creating the best experience for you as a student. Not only are our classes and quality superior and cutting edge, not only do we offer a variety of the best instructors in the real estate profession, but we have the best method for preparing you for the real estate licensing exam. This means that not only will you have a great experience during the course, but you will be well prepared to take and pass the state licensing exam. After passing the exam, our network of brokers and graduates is so expansive, you’ll find a real estate brokerage to work for in no time.

Because Stringham Schools offers open enrollment for our real estate classes, you can start at any time and jump right in. Start today and be finished within a few short weeks. So, enroll now, begin now, and start a new career as a licensed real estate agent. We got your back.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Margo Watson

“I was referred to Stringham Schools by a realtor friend of the family. I was so impressed with the quality of instructors and would highly recommend Stringham Schools to my friends and family.”

William Bustos

“Their educational program is highly regarded and their attention to securing strong testing scores is the best in the industry.”

Sara Sergent

“The Stringham School experience was great! I would highly recommend their program for anyone who wants a great education and to pass their exam the first time.”

Chris Kemp

“Stringham Schools is by far the best, most comprehensive training anyone could get to pass the state real estate exams. I would highly recommend Stringham.”

Our Value

Stringham Schools is the highest referred real estate school in Utah

When compared to other real estate schools in Utah, Stringham Schools continually seeks to provide students a better learning experience than anywhere else. While other schools simply provide classes, we promote success. See the chart below why Stringham Schools is the highest referred real estate school in Utah.

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