Stringham Schools is the #1 real estate school in Utah and the best place to get your education for your real estate sales agent, broker license, or continuing education. Stringham Schools is also the only school in Utah to offer these books as educational tools to help you take your real estate business to the next level!

With over 2,000 real estate terms in English and Spanish, this is a quick and easy reference guide for busy real estate professionals. The added investment terms in this second edition allow you to navigate real estate investment transactions with ease. Whether you’re working as a real estate agent or studying to become one, you will benefit from this invaluable English-Spanish resource.

The concepts in this book are for the startup real estate brokerage, the midsized brokerage, and the buyout of an existing brokerage. This book is beneficial for the real estate license holder, the associate broker who is contemplating owning or managing a real estate brokerage, and the veteran broker who is looking to invest. It discusses ethical and legal business practices, analyzing the market and competition, managing risk, recruitment and growth opportunities. This book is organized around the two main functions of a real estate broker: recruiting new and experienced salespeople and retaining great talent.

The book also includes more detailed planning brokerage operations, case studies involving ethics, characteristics of a buyer’s and seller’s market as it relates to the real estate industry, and a focus on business insurance and risk analysis.

Whether you are a practicing agent with a dilemma or a student preparing for the licensing test, this guide serves as your one and only stop to quickly find applicable law for the question or issue you’re facing. The Real Estate Agent’s Field Guide covers not just law, but ethics and applicable Utah court opinions concerning your job as a real estate agent as well. Students love this resource for its easy, organized, and digestible format in learning the law. Agents love it for its ease and applicability to find what they need for their job in the field.

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