Device Support

Desktop Computers & Laptops

If you are having problems viewing our classes, please try some troubleshooting tips here. If you are still having problems please submit a support ticket or call 801-269-8889

All Browsers: Is your browser and flash player plugin updated? Check HERE

Chrome* Users: If you have having problems with your Shockwave plugin crashing, click HERE.  Make sure Chrome is updated by pasting this in your browser: chrome://help If problem persist, please switch browsers. Firefox is recommended in this case.

Safari Users– the latest version of Safari has a few changes and requires some simple configuration. Click HERE for instructions


Once you have updated your plugin, make sure it’s enabled:


Internet explorer:





To resolve buffering, reduce the playback quality by selecting a lower value in the bottom right-hand corder (click HD). By default its set to auto, start by selecting the lowest value.

Mobile Devices/Phones & Tables

You will need an flash bowser app to view our classes. Here are a few we recommend:




These are 3rd party apps, so we recommend you download the free version first and make sure it works properly with your device.

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