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Pass The First Time Guarantee

Our Exam Prep product is so powerful, we guarantee
you’ll pass your state exam the first time.

It’s Easy…


Complete your Stringham Schools pre-licensing course. Make sure you achieve at least a score of 80%* on all the in-course exams.


Use Exam Prep to prepare for your Utah state licensing exam. You must complete at least 80% of your study plan and average at least 80% on your Exam Prep exams.


Take your state exam within 3 months of completing your Stringham Schools pre-licensing course and completing at least 80% of your Exam Prep study plan.


If you do not pass your first state exam attempt and you meet the criteria, our school administration staff will be happy to refund your state exam fee. Simply call 801-269-8889 to request your refund.

*Each pre-licensing course exam must have a minimum score of 80%. An average of 80% or more with an individual course exam below 80% does not qualify.

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