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      Monica Davies

      As far as I can tell, these test questions from the state practice test directly contradict each other. Which is the correct answer? I couldn’t find any reference to keeping copies of CE credits for a specific amount of time in the text book.

      54. Licenses are renewed using the Real Estate License Management System on line. How long must you keep paper
      proof of completion of your CE requirement?
      (a) They must be retained until your next license renewal date.
      (b) They must be retained for three years after the date of the class.
      (c) Once you’ve confirmed your class has been banked online, you can shred the completion certificate.
      (d) No paper record is required
      Your answer: d (incorrect)
      Correct answer: b
      Explanation: Hang on to those certificates for three years, even if you have checked and they show up under
      your license on RELMS.

      49. Proof of completion of continuing education must be kept for how long?
      (a) Two years from the date of the class
      (b) Five years from the date of the class
      (c) There is no such requirement
      (d) Four years from the date of the class
      Your answer: a (incorrect)
      Correct answer: c
      Explanation: There is no regulatory requirement for how long you have to keep your continuing education
      completion certificates.

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      Julie Glenn

      Which exam are these from? the Utah Law or General?

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      Brian Swan

      I added question 49 to replace #54. Looks like 54 wasn’t removed afterward. We apologize. The correct information is that in #49.

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