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      Saray Mattson

      I just finished the Survey & Description section. It shows that I have completed it, but it doesn’t give me score. There was 4 parts to it. I was just wondering if i put anything down on my “Real Estate Attendance Record” (blue. Also I did the crossword, but when i was done and exited out it did not save it. Does it not save it?

      Thank you.

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      Hannah Welch

      Some of the courses will give you a final score, some will not. It depends on the final exam format at the end. If it shows you have the credits, then it counts. As far as the crossword puzzle, they are editable while you take the class, but it doesn’t save. It’s just an extra study part, and you can print it out if you’d like after you finish it.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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