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    Justin Jackson

    Where can I purchase flash cards for terms for new agents?

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    Brian Swan

    We do not sell any flashcards at this time. We are currently developing online flashcards for students, but those won’t be available for another month or so. There is audio in your “resources” tab that goes through all the vocab terms and concepts, however.

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    Randi Elphick

    Just following up on this post to see if the flashcards are now available? Thanks

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    Brian Swan

    Not yet. As the project is being developed, I don’t know that it will be done within the next couple of months or not. It’s tough to say. Realistically, I would say somewhere in the next 2-4 months. If you’re looking for flashcards immediately, the best I could do is direct you to an internet search of real estate licensing exam flashcards and see what pops up. Sorry.

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    Susan Booth

    Union Test Prep site has flash cards.

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