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      Erica Stoddard

      Approximately how many questions on the State exam are math questions? Also, someone else posted a great question on here that was never responded to:
      Are the test questions some of the actual test questions? What’s better to study? The definitions or the school exam questions.


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      Brian Swan

      Hi Erica,

      Sorry for the delay. Sometimes notifications of forum posts go to my junk mail and I never see them. My apologies.

      There are about 130 questions on the State exam that are graded. Anywhere from 10 – 30 additional questions are not graded but are experimental. So, in total, upwards of 150. 

      I’m not sure about your follow up questions, but I will say that the test is highly conceptual. Studying the definitions is good and helpful but will only get you so far. Study the concepts according to the Pearson Vue Content Outline in the back of the Pearson Vue Testing Candidate Handbook that you received when you enrolled.

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