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      John Renola

      Curious if the recently modifying Utah REPC affects the content of any of the classes or the exam prep?


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      Brian Swan

      Hi John,

      The test will not change until January 1st. Therefore, because we have students still wrapping up their curriculum and then testing before the first of the year, we still have the current REPC being taught. We will be releasing the New REPC class around the middle of December for students to take.

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      Tyson Smith

      Just wondering if the REPC class and materials are current as of now or if it’s still the old version. The form attached still says it’s the 2008 form, so i just want to make sure before i take the class.


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      James Anderson

      Just finished the REPC course and had a question on 8.3(b) the buyer can cancel the REPC after the due diligence deadline, but before the finance & appraisal deadline. If that happens, a portion, or all I guess, of the earnest money can be released to the seller without further written authorization from the buyer. In the class example you mentioned you were representing the buyer so you put $1000 in the blank.
      Isn’t that backwards? If you don’t want have the buyer lose their earnest money, if the above situation occurs, wouldn’t you put $0 in the blank. If we put $1000 the buyer could potentially lose all $1000. Am I reading section 8.3(b) right?

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      Brian Swan


      As of January 1, the new REPC became a legal mandate. You should have access to the new REPC in your account. If you don’t see it, please email Julie for tech help.

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      Brian Swan


      Excellent catch. I have gone back and reviewed that section of the class. It looks like I misspoke. In an effort to try to teach all the ins and outs of how to fill out a form, I wanted to have substance to every possible blank line, but in being on camera and having just explained the final clause of that paragraph where buyer gets the remaining EM, it looks like my wires got crossed and I misspoke. We will correct this issue. Thank you.

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      Haley Blue

      I am taking the new REPC course now, however neither the contract in the book nor the attachment are updated. Is there a way we can download and note take on the new REPC?

      Thank you,


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      Brian Swan

      Hi Hailey, 

      The attachment should be there. So, something is going on with your account. I’ll have Julie look into why the attachment isn’t showing the new REPC. Because you enrolled prior to the New REPC being released, you do have the old REPC in your book. 

      Here is the link to the new REPC so you can follow along:

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      Alison Dodds

      FYI, I am currently taking the 4 credit REPC course. The attachment for the REPC is there but it’s the older REPC. I did use your attachment above, thank you. 

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