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      Saray Mattson

      I had my credit erased when you guys updated the Deeds and Transfers, but I went ahead and completed it again, figured it would just be a review, but I noticed that your Ownership & Principles is currently being updated.

      When will the update be complete? I don’t want to start on it and have credits erased again. Plus would like to watch the updated version.

      Also as it is right now with all the updating. Do I have to follow the curriculum in order?
      Is it a road block?
      Can I go around it?
      For example, could I jump into Contract Law, even though I haven’t finished Real Estate Ownership and Law of Agency?

      Or is there things i need to learn first before I go jumping into different categories?

      Also have you guys added additional categories? Does it make my “Real Estate Sales Attendant Record”(blue paper) outdated?

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      Brian Swan

      First, there is no order to the curriculum. You can jump to contracts or another topic and revisit property later.

      Second, I will have our IT Developer get in touch with you regarding the account updates and how it has affected your credits.

      Lastly, we have not added additional categories. We are simply reproducing all of our current classes in the form of video.

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      Saray Mattson


      Thank you for your response.

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