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      Jessica Umina

      During our Review class for the state test we receive a list of things we should know. On that list under Public and Private Control, one of the things it lists for us to know is as follows:

      A city wants to put a park in an area where no land has been set aside for a park. After paying just compensation for the value of the land, they may acquire it by: (Suit for condemnation).
      My question is: Why would they file a suit for condemnation instead of filing a variance?

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      Hannah Welch

      Hi Jessica,

      First off, congrats on finishing state prep! The reason a city would use condemnation in this situation is that there is no land set aside and they are trying to acquire it. It isn’t a matter of zoning, which is where a variance would come into play. Instead, it’s just a matter of obtaining the land for the park. Does that help clarify that question? Let us know if you have any further questions and I’d be happy to answer!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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