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      Melanie Troxel

      Please provide clarification on Quiz question #14 in “Financial responsibilities”

      In the textbook under “Statement of account” it reads:

       “At the expiration of 30 days after an offer has been made and accepted, or when a client requests it, the principle broker must provide a detailed statement showing the current status of the transaction; and a transaction status statement at 30-day intervals until the transaction closes or fails.

       The quiz question at the end of the chapter reads:

       “In a lengthy commercial transaction involving a large amount of earnest money, which is the broker required to do:

      The textbook says that answer C is correct.

      C. Provide a statement on the status of the transaction every 30 days, as requested.

      I answered B.

      B. Provide a detailed statement on the transaction each 30 days. 

       Since the textbook states that we should provide the detailed statement every 30 days OR when a client requests… (which I take to mean every 30 days and additionally when they request) wouldn’t B be a better answer? Or if Answer C said “AND as requested”. Or am I missing a nuance to the question and answers?

      Thanks for the help.

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