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    John Renola

    I have 2 questions about the Time Periods portion of the downloadable Learning Aids:

    It lists 10 days as the time for a licensee to respond to a complaint. But the Utah Law book, Chapter 5.2.A and B say that a licensee is not required to respond to a complaint but if they chose to or when required to they must file an Answer within 30 days. Is a response to a complaint different than an answer to a complaint?

    It lists 5 years as the time it takes a person to lose their water rights by abandonment or non use. But the Utah Law book, Chapter 5.1.L.iii it states that water rights can be lost though abandonment or non use after 7 years. Which is correct?


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    John Renola

    Any response to this?

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    Brian Swan

    Sorry for the delay, John. Sometimes these notifications get sent to my junk mail and I never see them. 

    I am not aware of any downloadable learning aids that discuss content. I’m only aware of recorded vocabulary. We did away with selling or supplying supplemental content for a few different reasons, one of them being it was very outdated. Please rely on the content in your book and the classes.

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    Alan Saunders

    How do you get to the recorded vocabulary section? I thought you would click on resources but that just takes me to the intro splash screen, even when I am already logged in.


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    Brian Swan

    Sounds like you have a possible broken link. Upon clicking the “Resources” tab, it should take you to dashboard that has the recorded vocab readily available. If you don’t see it, or it’s taking you to a different screen, please call in and talk to Julie. She is our IT Support. Or you may email her the issue at julie@stringhamschools.com

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