Where is "Real Estate Purchase Contract A & B" in the online content?

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      Emily Hall

      I completed online content for the sales agent course consecutively through chapter 15 (Advanced Contract Law) and tried to take the exam, but there are several questions that were not addressed in the book or the online content for chapter 15. The online outline says “Prerequisite: Contract Law 1 & 2 AND Real Estate Purchase Contract A & B.”

      Reviewing the previous chapters, I can’t find any classes called Real Estate Purchase Contract A & B. Was some content removed? How do I find and take these courses? Thanks.

      Here are some of the questions on the exam that weren’t covered in the chapter material (in the videos or the book):
      2. Which is not a UAR recommended purchase contract?
      (a) REPC F
      (b) REPC for residential construction
      (c) Lease agreement with option to purchase
      (d) REPC for land

      3. Section 19 of the REPC says what about assignments?
      (a) Assignments are not permissible with the REPC
      (b) Assignments are allowable and do not need approval with a REPC
      (c) Assignments must have both the broker’s’ approval
      (d) Assignments must have written permission from both buyer and seller.

      6. Which section of the REPC defines what acceptance means?
      (a) Section 19
      (b) Section 21
      (c) Section 17
      (d) Section 23

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      Brian Swan

      The Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) class was just changed from REPC A&B to just REPC. The content is all there but we had to make an all new class on the contract because it was recently revised. So, to just get you through your sticking point, the answers are (a), (d), (23)

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      Emily Hall

      Thanks. Where can I find the new REPC class? Is that the very last one in the online course content under the Utah Law section, for 4 credit hours? And the separate, Utah Law book would go along with it?

      If so, I would argue that the above exam questions should be removed from chapter 15 and moved to the REPC chapter exam. 🙂

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      Julie Glenn

      Hi Emily, there is a link the description for the new repc course. Or you can access it there: https://vimeopro.com/stringhamschools/new-repc

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