The Real Estate Agent’s Field Guide

Have the Answers You Need Right at Your Fingertips!

Stringham Schools is proud to offer the Real Estate Agent’s Field Guide—the Quick and Easy Reference Guide EVERY Real Estate Agent Should Have

Written by licensed attorney Brian Swan, this handy guide will be your go to manual whenever you have a pressing question that needs immediate answering.

Ever had a problem in a transaction and needed to know what you could or could not do? Ever had a question about the law? Ever get frustrated trying to find the answers?

Whether you’re preparing for the test or your next deal, the Field Guide has the information you need!

The Real Estate Agent’s Field Guide gives you the most applicable guidance and legal references, written in easy to understand language, and from the following sources:

1. Utah Real Estate Licensing and Practices Act
2. Utah Real Estate Licensing and Practices Rules
3. National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics
4. Utah Association of REALTORS® industry forms
5. Utah Court of Appeals and Supreme Court case law

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