Real Estate Courses

Become a Real Estate Agent

Stringham Schools is the best place to get your real estate license. We’ve spared no expense to create the best student experience you can find. Take your classes online or take them live, it’s your choice. Stringham Schools is the only real estate school to offer every class live each month, and we’re the only school that offers you HD video classes for your online experience.

Our student experience, real estate test preparation, and personal care for our students are why Stringham Schools is the most referred and attended school in Utah. Enroll now and see why virtually everyone says, “Go to Stringham!” While you have twelve months to complete the course, it can be done is as little as fifteen days by taking eight hours of class per day; however, most students complete the course in an average of six to eight weeks. Upon completing the course, you will be able to sit for the Utah Real Estate Sales Agent Exam.

Become a Real Estate Broker

If you’re a practicing real estate agent and are ready to up your game and increase your real estate influence, then it’s time to get your Broker’s license. Whether you want to open up your own brokerage or be an associate broker within your current company, the broker’s license affords you several career improving opportunities.

To obtain a broker license, a sales agent must be practicing for at least three years and accumulate a certain number of experience points. Also, the agent must complete a state-approved 120-hour Broker Pre-License Course and pass the Utah Real Estate Broker License Exam. Stringham Schools graduates more real estate agents than any other Utah real estate school combined! That is why, it’s no surprise that so many sales agents return to Stringham Schools when they’re ready to take the next step in their career.