Stringham Schools is now an Mbition Company

Stringham Schools is now an Mbition company!

We are excited to announce that Stringham Schools is now a division of Mbition LLC. While ownership may have changed, Stringham will continue its “best in class” Utah real estate training and education.

This change is one of several changes that stem from the recent acquisition of OnCourse Learning Real Estate and Stringham Schools by holding company Lifelong Learner Holdings (LLH), based out of greater Los Angeles.


Who is Mbition?

Mbition is the flagship online education company for LLH, offering training and continuing education for the real estate, home inspection, home appraisal and technology industries. This new relationship provides Stringham additional resources to refine, develop and expand the best learning experiences for current and prospective real estate agents and brokers.

As an innovator, industry leader and career resource for students and alumni, we look forward to continuing our legacy of providing best-in-class real estate education in the state of Utah.

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